Eva’s Rawking School!

Welcome to Eva’s Rawking School in Wiesbaden!

If you are sick of suffering from

-chronic fatigue



-overweight and other problems you have been literally carrying around with you all these years

and want to feel

ecstatic joy








instead, then you have come to the right place!

It’s time to take responsibility for your health by taking ACTION NOW!

You don’t want to end like most people who work hard and spend their health trying to achieve wealth after which they retire and spend their wealth trying to get back their health. Why should you do that if you can have MUCH more from life than living in a survival mode!

What will you learn?

In Eva’s Rawking School you will learn how to live a blissful and ecstatic life!

Chronic Fatigue, inner unhappiness and burnout syndrome are NOT normal.

From now on YOU are the one who decides what’s good for you. Together, we will create a special “My fresh new life” list which will help you to playfully let go of old habits and establish new ones.

Make the leap to freedom: this is YOUR life and YOUR health we are talking about!

Because I have spent enough time in a desperate and seemingly hopeless situation and know exactly what it’s like when your heart is longing for freedom while your mind is telling you something else, I created an unbeatable offer for you:

The first (30 minutes) coaching session is FREE of charge!

After that we will develop an individual plan for you and you are good to go.

What are you waiting for? The time is ripe: you deserve the BEST and deep down in your heart you know that it’s the truth!

Start off your special journey of self-discovery and you will not want to look back because the BEAUTY and the FRESHNESS of BEINGness will now become part of YOU!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Rawking Courses

The Rawking School currently offers  the following courses:

Short and easy

Cleansing program

7 Days Raw Food

Raw Food DeLuxe!

10 to 14 Days Rawking Adventure


Catapult yourself into a new dimension and you will soon not be able to recognize yourself simply because the raw vegan lifestyle is quite dangerous: it will make you look and FEEL much younger!




Short and easy

Short and easy

Introduction to the raw vegan lifestyle

After spending 3 days with Eva you might find it impossible to get back to your old habits and carry on with the familiar routine. Eva is born to inspire people to find their inner truth and if you are open to this, you will have a beautiful and exciting time here in central Germany,

Soak up the sun, enjoy the walks in the woods and find out what you can eat as a raw fooder: your new food choices are much greater than you think and you will never get bored while discovering new ways of enjoying life to the fullest!


Cleansing program

Relax in the beautiful green Wiesbaden for 5 days and purify your senses on all levels! I will show you how you can clean your mind and body within a shortest period of time.

Apart from that, you will receive Ayurveda massages on a daily basis which are known for their detoxifying effect.

Give yourself the gift of the most natural refreshment cure by subscribing to this course!

7 Days Raw Food

7 Days Raw Food

Let’s find out more about the daily routine of rawking vegans. We will spend many hours outside in the nature and will eat the best food ever!

In these 7 days you will be able to take a good look at your thoughts, beliefs and convictions and question some of them if necessary.

You will also to re-discover your inner Power and become so unstoppable that when back home, you might inspire your friends and family to at least give this amazing lifestyle a good try.

Enjoy one high energy coaching session every day while gently relaxing into the best lifestyle on this planet. You deserve the best!

Raw Food DeLuxe!

10 and 14 Days Rawking Adventure

By booking one of these courses, you clearly show that you are ready for the (banana)-island 😃

In these two weeks you will dive deep into the waves of the raw vegan life and give your body the opportunity to re-organize itself so that your soul can happily live inside it.

Catapult yourself into a new dimension and you will soon not be able to recognize yourself simply because the raw vegan lifestyle is quite dangerous: it will make you look and FEEL much younger!


7 days raw food

Next Steps…

Are you ready to jump into the raw vegan adventure and change your thinking, eating and sleeping habits right away? Support yourself by joining the happy raw vegan tribe. Let’s do this together!
You deserve the best!

Yes, I’m ready!