High Energy Levels

Tired of feeling tired? So was I before I discovered the way to turn around my life. Are you ready for a fresh start? Let me know how I can help you and book your first coaching session now!

You can only learn from people who got the results you want to achieve.

What can you learn from me?

Being a passionate long time raw vegan since 2003, I can give you valuable tips on

staying raw

easy transition


being a vegan

dealing with “difficult” feelings

finding your passion

following your true heart’s desire

With me you will discover how to

free yourself from a vicious circle of emotional eating

find inner peace

leave the world of struggle behind you and enter a new world of active creation

stay in the flow

be true to yourself

build up your self-confidence


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Mind and Body Cleanse

Is it possible to clean both: your body AND your mind at the same time? There is no other way that works long term! Find out how and break through your self destroying patterns now. You can do this!

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Sculpt the body of your dreams

This does only sound shallow if your body is your only focus! You know that your are not your body but by using your vehicle wisely you can enhance the quality of your life and inspire your loved ones to do the same!

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Welcome to Rawking Power!

This site is for everyone who wants to feel GREAT on a raw vegan lifestyle.

Do you want to

*eliminate overweight

*have lots of energy

*improve your health

*feel happy with no reason

*sculpt the body of your dreams?

Then you came to the right place!

I am a passionate raw vegan and I can help you create beautiful and long lasting changes in your life situation. Raw vegan lifestyle works wonders: most of you will notice that as soon as you decide to choose this path, it’s all about your inner game. Here I can help you to change from inside out so that you can start enjoying life right away.

I offer

Private raw-food-coaching

To create your special raw vegan shopping list

Raw food prep classes

Create your smoothies workshops

Help with emotional stress

Valuable information about vitamin B12 …

and so much more!

Each of us deserves the best.

Start LIVING the life of your dreams right away because there is no better time for it than NOW!

Welcome To Rawking Power

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